Rechargeable 678nm Low Light Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet Cap (Plug: EU plug)

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Features:- Humanized design,more comfortable.- The Hair Regrowth helmet uses advanced laser therapy to directly stimulate the activity of the scalp and hair follicle cells, circulating and flowing.- The Laser Hair Growth Helmet adopts 678nm low energy laser light which can easily penetrate the hair follicles 2mm deep and straight work to the hair root.Absorbing the heat by follicles,prompt a healthy hair growth,not only prevent hair loss but to improve hair quality.- Be suitable for treating oil spill hair loss,hereditary hair loss,postpartum hair loss,hair fixation after hair transplant, alopecia areata,hair loss under pressure,poor hair quality and congenitally rare hair for bothmale and female.Specifications:Item type: Hair Regrowth HelmetColor: White+BlueGender: UnisexHair Type: Hair Loss TreatmentOutput voltage: 5V DCInput voltage: 100-240V 50/60HzLaser light quantity: 80 unitsWavelength: 678nmBattery: RechargeablePlug: US/EU PlugPackage size: 30.5x22x14.5cm/12x8.50x5.65”(1cm=10mm=0.39inch)Package Included:1x Hair Regrowth Helmet1x USB Cable1x English manual1x boxLaser Light Hair Growth & Care Helmet Function Description:Time switch: press one time for using 15 minutes, press twice for using 30 minutes, press three times to reset, 30 million beam activate follicles to improve hair growth.Principle of Laser Hair Growth:1. Laser light hair growth is a new method curing hair loss which is internationally widely approved as Low-level laser therapy (LLLT). It doesn't have any side effect compared with medical curing such as Minoxidil Tablets and  Finasteride Tablets. Clinical effect has been widely approved under the premise of security. Laser light is a new safe and effective method to cure AGA, and it has the best wavelength for hair growth after lots of clinical experiments.2. Among those people who have Alopecia, due to young age or invalidation of medical treatment, laser light treatment is very worth trying. Laser light hair treatment method has a further clinical research significance between irradiation time, dosage and relativity of practical hair-loss degree.3. Laser light also has positive effect on wound surface mending ( already approved by literature), so that it has a high opportunity to improve clinical curative effect on hair transplantation.Using Method and Wearing Instruction:Press power button to turn on the laser light;Press the time setting button to set duration: 15 minutes and 30 minutes;Put on the helmet, see referred picture;After using, long press the power button for 3 seconds to cut the power down.


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