Hearts Disposable Camera with Flash 36exp for Bridal Wedding Party

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Features:   Simple design, small size, light weight and easy to carry. One plain white design single use camera with 36 Exposure. For those informal candid pictures. Good gift for your kids or your friends. Size: appeox.11.5 x 6 x 3cm Number of Exposures: 36Pcs Weight: about 126g   How To Use:   Turn film advance wheel until in stops Press flash button,wait for flash light to appear(Use flash light within 1 to 3meter) Frame your subject well eithin the viewfinder and gently squeeze the shutter button   Tips:   Do not attempt to remove film from camera.Keep away from dust,heat and moisture.Avoid risk of electric shock-do not disassemble camera,fragile-do not drop Disposable cameras are a fun essential addition to a wedding day, however they are not recommended as the main method of capturing images at your special event The inexperience of the camera operator can greatly affect the resulting images, as can factors including lighting conditions, weather, distance, etc Be realistic with your expectations and know in advance that disposable cameras are mostly just for fun. Look forward to sorting through the “oopses” taken by your friends and family, and also discovering possible photo treasures We does not bear responsibility for the quality or quantity of resulting images Prior to processing your film we recommend you make inquiries with the photo lab to avoid charges for unusable exposures Package Included:   1 x Disposable Camera


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