Visual Fish Finder Multicolor HD Fishing Device Under Water Camera

Описание и характеристики

Specifications:1. The camera parametersExterior size: 30 MM * 17.8 MM (length * width)Weight: approx 10 gPower supply: the host power supply voltage (3.7 V, current 100 mA)Resolution: 2 million pixelsHorizontal Angle: greater than or equal to 130 degreesWorking temperature: - 10 degrees to -40 degreesWorking depth: underwater 10 metres2. The display parametersExterior size: 103 mm * 72 mm * 17 mm (Wide * high * thick)Display size: 3.5 inch LCDResolution: 960 (RGB) * 240Backlight brightness: 300 CD/m2Power supply: rechargeable lithium battery of 4000 mA/HVoltage: 3.7 VPower consumption: 1.7 WBattery 7-8 hours of continuous use (A fully charged condition)Weight: 150 gWorking temperature: - 10 to 40 degrees3. Cable: 20 metersFixed card buckle: Level 1 PC materialButterfly screws: M4Fishing rods collocation: diameter of 19 mm - 23 mmFeatures:Adopts mini camera case is only 17.8 mm diameter.The butterfly stainless steel screws is convenient to adjust.The connection head adopts the market smaller 2.5 plug. Convenient to via hole.A high brightness display, up to 420. Outdoor also can see clearly.The host can be fixed on the pole Angle is adjustable. Won't because of different angles can't see it clearly now.Get rid of the traditional visual fishing apparatus bulky volume and weight, making fishing more easily.Precision video transmission technology, Makes the signal is more stable and reduce signal distortion, make video images more clear.Main application: widely used in fishing monitor, play den monitor, visual test fish, aquaculture underwater exploration etc.Matters needing attention before use:- Before using for the first time, please keep the battery to a fully charged. It can make the products reach the best state.- This product is a precision electronic products, please don't disassemble the monitor host, so as to avoid man-made damage.- Please put the camera 's plug is inserted into the host inside and then open the power switch, so you can better protect the product during use.- After the shutdown and then boot, please intervals of 30 seconds or more, otherwise the image display will blur.Package Included:1x Camera1x Display1x Charger.1x Manual1x Color Box Packaging.Card Buckle (A Pack)


Заказанный вами товар отправляется транспортными компаниями до пунктов выдачи в вашем городе, либо курьером по указанному адресу. Не забудьте правильно указать полный точный адрес доставки, чтобы получить Visual Fish Finder Multicolor HD Fishing Device Under Water Camera вовремя.


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